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System Requirement
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Processor: Intel & PowerPC.
  • Hard Disk: 25 MB free space.
  • CPU: 800 MHz processor speed.
  • Memory: 1GB or more.

Mac Resource

Is your Mac computer running very slow at startup, or when you are opening applications, using Safari, playing games, browsing iTunes etc? Or it simply freezes for no reason? Over time the Mac system undoubtedly gather tons of unused files such as duplicate photos & videos, old iChat logs, log files, mail downloads, browser cache etc. Those unnecessary stuff can eat up valuable disk space, thus making your Mac slow or freezing.

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How to Speed up Your Mac?

Generally there are a variety of reasons that can consequently drag down the performance of your Mac. Meanwhile, there are certain ways through which you can considerably speed up your Mac machine. For example, you can reset the browser settings to regularly clear useless caches and history, get rid of all unwanted widgets from the dashboard through the Dashboard control panel, remove unnecessary applications, find out & delete those duplicated files, or if your Mac is running out of memory, try upgrading the system RAM to boost its performance etc. However, if you prefer a more efficient way to speed up your Mac, try the following all-in-one Mac speedup tool as it can help resolve all issues in just a few clicks.

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Mac Speed up Software

Cleans your Mac by removing unused files, logs, junks etc.
Uninstalls unwanted applications with simple 'Drag and Drop'.
Scheduler to automatically speed up Mac regularly.
Works both on boot volume and secondary Mac volumes.
Fully compatible with iMac or MacBook running under OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion.

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Fast Cleanup

Fast Cleanup is a very useful tool to free up some hard disk space on your Mac. This feature includes 4 different drive cleanup utilities: Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Languages Cutter, and Logs Cleaner.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder module is capable of searching the entire Mac hard drive to locate multiple instances of same files which are taking up the disk space. Then it’s your open whether to remove or keep them.

Files Finder

Files Finder scans your Macintosh hard disk for all files of the selected file types like videos, music or other. You can choose one of the preset filters to find files on your Mac, or experiment with your own filters.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller module enables to remove unneeded applications, widgets, preference panes and plug-ins etc. It is a perfect tool to remove apps consisting of multiple components that are not completely gone after the app has been dragged to the Trash.

Disk Usage

Disk usage visualizes the size of all your files and folders, even the hidden ones, enabling you to detect large items on your hard drive. It scans all the folders and marks them with different colors depending on the file size.