How to Speed up Your Mac ... Without Spending a Ton or Wasting Time

The Only Solution You'll Need to Make Your Mac Fast Again, Effortlessly!

There are a number of reasons why your Mac might be running slower than it used to, so are the fixes. Instead of spending hours guessing and trying different tech tricks, or dumping a few hundred dollars on purchasing new hardware (RAM, SSD, etc.); There's a better way to speed up your Mac.

"It's my all-in-one maintenance tool, keeping my Mac computer constantly running like new." -- Aaron Takizad

MacBooster speaks English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Português, and more.

This is for you if...

MacBooster isn't for everyone, and it probably won't magically boost your Mac performance like it's new. Also, if you are a power Mac user, you may prefer to perform many of its functions on your own via Terminal or other advanced techniques.

  • You want to speed up your slow Mac without upgrading hardware. Sure, adding extra memory (RAM) or replacing the hard disk drive with an solid state drive (SSD) will help. But considering the high price you'll pay and the efforts you'll need to properly install them, it might not worth it.
  • You are a bit uncomfortable with diving into technical stuff related to macOS. Yes, Apple offers some useful utilities like Disk Utility that allow you to diagnose issues and fix them. They are without risks. You can easily break things if you don't know what you are doing.
  • You are tired of trying those boring Mac speed up tips and tricks provided by so-called "Mac Experts". Most of the techniques you're advised to implement are simply waste of time because they don't fit your situation. The result? Your Mac is still slow, even worse.
  • You prefer an all-in-one app to clean, speed up and maintain your Mac rather than downloading multiple programs to address specific problems. Also, you prefer to use software that is easy to navigate with attractive interface. Yes, it's all about user experience about Apple Macs.

Speed, Clean and Secure Your Mac in One Place

There's so much you need to do to speed up a slow Mac, MacBooster takes care of all of it. Plus, you get extra features to protect your Mac and keep it in great shape. Learn more about all the things it does below.

Optimize startup items

Manage the apps and services that launch automatically when your Mac starts. Speed up your login process.

Clean Mac hard drive

Locate unneeded files and system junks and safely remove them in one click. More free space means a lot.

Remove malware & virus

Protect your Mac real-time from virus or spyware attacking. Yes, Mac OS X isn't that secure any more.

Uninstall apps thoroughly

Get rid of all of unused or outdated applications that you no longer want, together with their leftovers.

Clear off memory

Clean the RAM occupied by resource-heavy apps or services. You'll sure experience fewer hangs.

Fix disk permission issues

Resolve Mac lagging, crashing or freezing issues resulted from broken disk permissions.

Clean caches & plugins

Smoother your Internet surfing experiencing by cleaning web browser junks and useless add-ons.

Find large duplicates

Remind you of those copies of duplicated images in Photos library, and large files you have forgotten about.

Delete files securely

Protect your privacy by permanently erasing files and folders that you don't want anyone to have access to.

Speed up Your Mac in Action (What does MacBooster Look Like?)

MacBooster: What's in It for You?

Speed up your Mac

You can make your Mac run faster by optimizing login, releasing RAM, and boosting performance.

Clean your Mac

It includes a list of powerful functions to help you locate unnecessary files and safely remove them.

Protect your Mac

The Mac app protects your Mac from minor virus, malware, data loss, hackers and harmful phishing websites.

Maintain your Mac

It also offers a set of useful utilities such as Uninstaller, File Eraser, etc. to keep your Mac always up to date.

"I'm really enjoying this MacBooster 3 program. It does a great job of speeding up my MacBook Air. It was very fast and almost doubled the performance of this system."

Anne Anderson

"I didn't realize that over 2GB of my hard drive space is being taken by junk files and duplicates. I have tried a number of cleaning tools before, but this MacBooster 3 program seemed the best.

Keep up with the good work!"

Luis Blanco


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